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March 10, 2008

Huck of a Good Fight

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On February 29, amidst the smell of steer dung and Risky’s barbeque, Amber and I got to hear Huck speak at the Fort Worth Stockyards. Quick question: have you ever seen, on Forest Gump, the news footage, where Forest is in the background looking a bit out of place? Well, if you look at this news clip, from CW33, about 40 seconds into the video, you will see me in my trademark yellow dime-store cowboy shirt, right to the left of Huck, looking very Gump-like. I consider this footage to be my five seconds of fame, and I plan on adding this special guest appearance to my television resume. Huck said some good things, which, unfortunately, weren’t enough to give him the win in Texas. I am proud, however, to have shown up to support the candidate that I consider to have been the best. Huck fought a good battle with very limited resources, so he gets the excellence award for putting up a “Huck of a good fight.” Amber got to shake Huck’s hand. I tried capturing some photos of the moment, but some large person stepped in front of my camera…so, I have ‘before’ and ‘after’ shots of Amber and Huck. Also, I am submitting, for your approval, two of the many great shots that I took that day in the Stockyards.

Huck huckabee-2.jpg


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