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March 14, 2008

Kinda Warms My Heart

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So, I’ve been having some great conversations with Larry about the whole global warming thing. Larry and I tend to agree that the whole thing is a farce; however, that doesn’t mean that if you don’t agree with us you are wrong…even though you probably are. What it means is that we should do things to protect our environment as good stewards of our planet, but we should not work ourselves up into a frenzy and spend billions of dollars to fix something that may not even be broken. Larry brought to my attention a 1999 journal article by Kuran and Sunstein, about “availability cascades.” According to the synopsis of the article, basically, if something is said long enough and with enough credibility, whether it is true or not, the public can eventually be led into beleiving that it is true.  For instance, if the inventor of the Internet were to produce a movie, dress up in a tuxedo to accept an Oscar and then be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, people might get the idea that there is some credibility to his idea.

I personally think that we need to independently weigh the facts and not get caught up in the “hype.”  We need to use our resources responsibly, but we should not sacrifice our freedom of choice or our economic growth without all of the facts. There are many out there who are challenging the idea of global warming, which warms my heart. Here are some good examples of articles that counter the popular ideas: click-e-vous here, here, here, here and here.  The last link talks about the Manhattan Declaration.


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