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March 15, 2008

A Flippin’ Good Time

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On Friday evening, I went over to Eric’s house for another of his great get-togethers.  Eric has two pretty cool go-carts and a bit of land upon which he built a track, so riding is always one of the highlights of his get-togethers.  As the first of many to arrive, I got started on the go-carts, pedal to the metal.  I was jumping hills and spinning out on curves, just like a real “pro.”  But then my “pro” status began to wane.  To be exact, my “pro” status waned at the tightest point of a sharp curve, with a little too much forward momentum on my side.  Before I go any further, I want to take a moment to stress the importance of safety belts; safety belts were originally designed, as you may be aware, with one thing in mind: to help drivers avoid tickets.  Later, it was discovered that safety belts also protect drivers from things other than law enforcement officers, such as reaching the ATM machine to get your money and accidents.  We’ll use the accident prevention definition for the purposes of this story.  So, to return, I hit the curve and rolled Eric’s go-cart all the way over.  I ended up getting some scratches on my arm and a sore, swollen bump on my elbow that Jake, another friend, told me was called a “swellbow.”  Were it not for the safety belt and a good sturdy roll cage (now cracked), I would almost certainly have had a very bad evening.  Needless to say, I have been prohibited from further go-carting until such time as my swellbow heals and I have completed a mandatory driver’s education class, with free buffet (please, use a clean plate for return trips), at one of my local area Golden Feedlot restaurants.  Despite my swellbow, I ended up having a great evening playing Texas Hold ‘Em with some really good friends.  It certainly was a flippin good time!


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