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March 20, 2008

Coffee Table of the Future

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My friend, Jake, has posted a design for one of his unique coffee tables here at Design Democracy ’08. Jake created the Glascade Coffee Table, which is inspired by the “De Stijl style” and incorporates the principle of “Divine Proportion.” What this means is quite beyond me. I actually tried to read up on some of this, but I don’t currently own a Glascade Coffee Table (Jake – hint, hint!); therefore, I had no place to put my cup of coffee while conducting my research. One really interesting note about this table is that it is “completely knock-down and packs away neatly into a mid-sized suitcase.” Now, wherever you are, whether at a relative’s house or your local coffee shop, you can take your coffee table with you! No more will you have to drink coffee on your friend’s un-cool “ugly” coffee table; simply push his junk furniture into a corner, unpack your Glascade, and let the fun begin. You can even pack the Glascade and take it on an airplane. Imagine how jealous everyone on your flight will be when, after the captain has turned off the seatbelt sign (safety first), you pull your Glascade and a folding chair out of the overhead compartment, set them up in the aisle and start flying in style. All of the other passengers will wish they had a Glascade…and some will probably wish they could get to the bathroom; either way, you would be the focus of attention and admiration. If you visit the Design Democracy ’08 website, be sure to vote for Jake.



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  1. I love this coffee table! Is there any way that I can purhase this. Where can I find it??? email me if any one knows. tramaynethomas@comcast.net

    Comment by Tramayne Thomas — April 3, 2008 @ 2:12 am

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