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April 4, 2008

From the Barista – Order Number 003

Filed under: Coffee Time — dangrdave @ 1:04 pm

JoAnn, a coworker and a great friend, gave me a 50g jar of Arengga Coffee Alamid last year for my birthday.  This coffee is the famed “Philippine Civet (or Luwak) Coffee,” which is produced when a very shaky, caffeine-addicted relative of the mongoose family carefully and expertly selects the choicest coffee beans in the forest, eats them, and then excretes them while reading the Wall Street Journal.  Enterprising locals, looking for a good laugh and a fast buck, began harvesting the beans and selling them to unsuspecting tourists and, eventually, the beans caught on and became something of a delicacy.  I would highly recommend that you try this coffee if you ever have an opportunity; I can truthfully say that, despite its origins, Civet coffee really does taste great!  Civit coffee will prove to be both the best and the crappiest cup of coffee, literally, that you’ll ever taste.  Cheers!



  1. I’ve had civit, and it’s awesome poop.

    Comment by Ghosty — April 4, 2008 @ 1:29 pm

  2. […] Knee-Slappingly Funny — dangrdave @ 4:27 pm You may remember my entry about Civet Coffee (here), a drink that percolates from the gluteal regions of the Civit or Luwak.  Civit Coffee can be […]

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