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April 17, 2008

Bermuda Shorts, Black Socks and Popcorn

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As I mentioned in a past post, Ben Stein’s new Documentary, Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed, will be in the theatres this Friday.

For a really good American Thinker review of the movie, haz click aqui.

Also, Trint has posted a write-up chronicling his desire to see the movie. Trint, using some sort of psychic ability mixed with caffeine, must have known that I was going to write about this movie today and, in a brilliant move, he preempted me. Trint’s write-up can be found here.

Now, from what I have read about the premise of this movie, the main point has to do a lot with free thought and morality. Basically, if you believe that, like lawyers, we all spawned from slime, then you remove the “God-constraint,” which renders pesky things like morals null and void.

And, the best way to promote mass “free thought,” whether it has to do with evolution or global warming, is shut down any opinions to the contrary.


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