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April 20, 2008

The ‘Gorey’ Details

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Well, Amber and I went and saw Ben Stein’s documentary movie, Expelled, on opening night. The movie was very well done and made some very good points; I plan to write a review of the movie later this week. However, I wanted to mention something that occurred right before (by which I mean for a full thirty minutes before) the movie began.

Now, usually, when one goes to the theater, one has to sit there and look at really cheesy, repetitive slides about Coke and Coke-type products, along with Coke-sponsored movie trivia. Not this time.

To my surprise, there is now a mini-show, called “Go Green Screenvision,” that plays for about half an hour before the actual movie (through April 24). To be fair, this program offered some good tips on how I could “reduce my carbon footprint,” (Answer: wash the carbon off of my feet before I walk on the nice carpet); however, the program presented global warming as a fact, which I don’t necessarily believe it to be (this may actually tie in well with my review of Expelled).

The “Go Green Screenvision” presentation was presented by none other than (drumroll please) Al Gore and his Alliance for Climate Protection. On the Alliance’s We Can Solve It website, the “campaign’s” fact sheet states that, “[t]hrough a robust paid media campaign, cutting‐edge online activation and partnerships with mainstream civic and religious organizations, the Alliance has set a goal of enlisting an unprecedented 10 million citizens to become climate activists.” The “campaign” is also designed to “create a cultural shift” and “bring public opinion past the tipping point.”

The website goes on to state that, “[i]n addition to seeing our ads in magazines and on their favorite Web sites, people will come into contact with our message when they engage in activities ranging from attending religious services to volunteering with their children – helping to build support and momentum for our effort.”

Now, to be sure, I don’t mind learning about ways to save energy and such other things. But am I the only one who thinks that there is something wrong with a “campaign” by Al Gore to invade not only my time at the movies but also my time in a religious service or at a volunteer activity?


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  1. Hey, Al Gore invented the Intarwebs. Surely he’ll save us all warming globes, too?

    Comment by Ghosty — April 21, 2008 @ 4:27 am

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