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May 5, 2008

A Real Blue Ribbon Funeral

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I came across the following articletoday about a true patriot – Bill Bramanti – who had a custom “beer can” coffin manufactured to help ease his final passage from this life.  As a fine beer connoisseur and, presumably, a fan of NASCAR, Mr. Bramanti choose to have his custom casket to bear the likeness of none other than Pabst Blue Ribbon.

Now, I believe that it’s the small, classy things like this that help mourning relatives in their time of grief; sadly enough, many people nowadays fail to make the “tough” choices before their departure, leaving such “unpleasant” things to their relatives.  Not Mr. Bramanti.  He knows that his relatives don’t need to be bothered by choosing a casket when they will have other things on their minds like hiring lawyers to fight over his chewing tobacco can collection and NASCAR memorabilia.

According to the article, Mr. Bramanti has already tried out the coffin and noted that it fits him quite nicely and in honor of his forward-thinking estate planning, he has thrown a party wherein he stocked the coffin with ice and Pabst Blue Ribbon.  The article didn’t indicate whether or not Mr. Bramanti plans to have ice and Pabst stocked in the coffin with his body when his time finally comes, but I sincerely hope so…sometimes you just need a cold one at a funeral to really get the party started.


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