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May 10, 2008

Humor and Drinking: Not a Good RX for the PX

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I was reminiscing with Amber today about one of my old military experience wherein I went to Fort Polk, LA for a JRTC(Joint Readiness Training Center) rotation.  Basically, at JRTC, the military instills in its soldiers the solid and time-tested disciplines of sweating slow deaths, sleeping in the mud (picture Bubba telling Forest to lean against him so ‘neither one of us have to sleep with our heads in the mud.’), and being eaten alive by ravenous Cajun mosquitoes.

Anyway, during one break, I remember going to the PX (Post Exchange), getting a large drink in the food court and attempting to go into the store.  Now, there is always a “gatekeeper” at the PX, sitting at a pulpit-looking lecturn, checking IDs.  This gatekeeper, upon seeing me with my large drink, pointed at a sign on the wall which read: “PLEASE ENJOY YOUR FOOD AND DRINKS OUTSIDE.”

Seriously, I looked back at the gatekeeper and said to her, “What if I promise not to enjoy my drink.”  Apparently, some people aren’t impressed with cute responses.


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  1. What?! A military person (guard no less) without a sense of humor? Noooo.

    Comment by Trint — May 12, 2008 @ 3:21 pm

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