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May 13, 2008

I’m Ticked Off…And, I’ve Never Been Happier!

Filed under: Knee-Slappingly Funny — dangrdave @ 1:03 pm

Brad Paisley has a song about checking his girlfriend for ticks. My guess is that they went to Eastern Oklahoma, specifically to Beaver’s Bend.

I know this because my wife and I went camping in Beaver’s Bend about a week ago and, immediately upon stepping out of our car, we were accosted by a Biblically proportioned swarm of ticks, each the size of a standard Doberman. You could say that we were real “tick magnets.”

We saw several ravaged campsites where the occupants had apparently been drug off by some of the local ticks, while other baggy eyed campers nervously sat back to back in clearings, clutching cans of Tick-B-Gone® repellant, shotguns, flamethrowers and anything else that could possibly scare away the ticks.

After about a day of camping and a thorough exsanguination, my wife and I decided to pack it up and head home. We carefully inspected each other and removed our ticks (note: Beaver’s Bend recycles its ticks, so you have to leave them at the ranger station on the way out of the park) before heading back to Texas.

As I write this, my tick bites are finally healing and the doctors say that I won’t need anymore blood transfusions after today and the skin on my stomach and legs should grow back nicely. So remember: For good family fun, try Beaver’s Bend, Oklahoma!


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