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May 16, 2008

Anagramber’s Haiku

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Amber was the winner of the Anagram Awareness Day contest, providing the following answers:


Ninja Hymn Codices = John Sidney McCain

Smash Our Bike Cabana = Barack Hussein Obama

Thinly Harmonic Dollar = Hillary Rodham Clinton

Emceed Bleak Haiku = Mike Dale Huckabee


As a reward, I offered to provide a personalized “haiku” to the winner.  Unfortunately, I have never written a haiku, so I had to study up on what the poem’s composition might be.  According to various websites, a haiku is a seventeen syllable poem, consisting of three 5-7-5 syllable lines, without rhyme (and apparently, without reason). 


Wikipedia offered me some very useful examples of good haiku composition; I offer these three fascinating examples to you now:


Example Number 1) 古池や蛙飛込む水の音


Example Number 2) 富士の風や扇にのせて江戸土産


Example Number 3) 初しぐれ猿も小蓑をほしげ也


As you can see from the above three examples, haikus are designed to make no sense because they are written in a non-standard Spanish dialect.  In fact, I don’t even see anything close to seventeen syllables and they certainly don’t contain three lines.  Anyway, in order to hold to the true haiku standards, I propose the following haiku for Amber:


Anagramber Nix

Sesquipedalian Wife

Winner of Contest


And, as a bonus, I am providing a Lucky Lotto Number (which sounds like it should go with the haiku): 09-23-16-41-49


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