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May 16, 2008

California: You’ll Have a Gay Ole Time!

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Yesterday, the California State Supreme Court decided that it knew better than the people when it overturned two statutes in order to pave the way for homosexuals to marry each other.  I’m trying to think of what we call a form of government – and you, the reader, might be able to help me out here – where the will of the people, having been expressly stated, is overturned by activist judges who feel it is their place to impose their views on matters already decided by the majority.


This decision has caused me to lose respect (if ever I had any) for not only the judges in this case, but also for the Governator, who is choosing to side with the court.  The Governator, though he has previously vetoed legislation to allow homosexual marriage, has stated that he will respect the court’s decision and will not support an amendment to the California constitution.  What this means is that, in abiding by the will of the court, he is turning a deaf ear to the will of the people.


This DUMB court ruling not only affects California, but it also has the potential to affect the entire nation.  What will happen when homosexual Californians want to move to another state (26 of which already have constitutional amendments banning gay marriage)?  What will happen when homosexuals from other states go to California to receive their mock wedding certificates and return home demanding that their marriage be recognized by their states?  Well, that will bring up legal challenges in those states, just as the activist judges want.  


Unfortunately, California tends to set the pace for a lot of things in our country, so it is just a matter of time until we start seeing a lot of these challenges come up in other states.  I certainly hope that other judges in other states will have the testicular fortitude (sorry, that was the only proper descriptor) to listen to the will of the people.



  1. Oh no, a judge actually interpreted the law (you know, that whole equality thing) instead of letting hypocritical zealots decide what others should or should not be able to do. True there are sometimes trends that start in California that I would prefer stay there, but anyone who truly believes in equality and in our Constitution can only hope that this case provides judges in other states the “testicular fortitude” to follow suit.

    As with anyone I run into who opposes equal rights (which is a lot in Tennessee), I pose this question to you. Given that this is not a theocracy (meaning no matter how much you cling to your religion, it cannot be forced on others legally), what reason other than your personal religion do you have for telling gay or lesbian couples what they should or should not do? It does NOT affect you in any way, but it DOES have a negative impact on them financially and mentally when ignorant people tell them how they should be living their own lives.

    If you truly care about the will of the people then I’m sure you’re in favor of impeaching Bush and immediately ending the war in Iraq since that’s what the majority of the country wants, right? Didn’t think so, hence the term hypocrite.

    Comment by Thomas — May 16, 2008 @ 8:40 pm

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  3. Many have been upset by the recent California State Supreme Court’s reversal of Proposition 22 because, they claim, it over-ruled the “will of the people.” The fact is, the supreme will of the people is the state constitution, and any lower law in violation of that constitution is null and void. That is the basis on which this ruling took place. The highest will of the people was upheld, the constitution.

    In 1948 the California State Supreme Court seemed to rule against the will of the people. There was a long standing law in the state that an overwhelming number of Californians supported, anti-miscegenation. The law stated that a Caucasian could not legally marry a Negro. The law was overturned by the State Supreme Court. 94% of the voters of the state did not support the court in this decision. We look back on that ruling today as fair and just. But in 1948 the voters thought that their will was being over-ruled by a liberal court. Thank goodness for courts that often see beyond the peoples’ prejudices and rule against the majority! How else can we have liberty for all?

    Comment by kcwilkerson — September 23, 2008 @ 11:31 pm

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