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May 22, 2008

Our Best Life Now?

Adam Smith talked about it in his Lectures on Jurisprudence and in his Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations. History has shown it to be a reality. What is it? It is the conquest of affluent nations that have lost their will.


My friend Larry sent me a Wall Street Journal article today by Senator Joseph Lieberman (read it here), which is some pretty good background on what this post is really all about. This post questions the modern character and will of our country.


Sorry…My Bad


It is clearly in vogue nowadays for Americans to condemn the acts of their own country, and to paint their country as the cause of global ills. Many Americans erroneously believe that we are the cause of so much misery and suffering in this world. They believe that the world would be a much better place if America wasn’t a superpower and if we were somehow checked by another country, brought down from our high horse and hobbled.


We’ve come to believe the idea that our actions are somehow inherently wrong, just because another political party is leading the charge. We’ve grown up in a world where we were isolated to the true realities of a very savage world and we’ve been led to believe that we can pacify and tame the world by gently stroking its head and nestling it in our lap.


Kumbaya, Rubber Bullets, Flower Dancing, and Your Best Life Now


The hostility, war and bloodshed can all be done away with if only we would take the time to whisper the mantra of peace into the ears of evil people. Once we have convinced them (and we know that we could), they would surely end their struggles, cast off their weapons and hatreds, and dance barefooted and nymph-like through vast fields of flowers.


We question our moral right to unilaterally intervene in world affairs; we wonder why we aren’t wearing blue helmets and singing kumbaya with a consortium of other nations, carrying pellet guns with rubber bullets into savage battlefields. Surely the forceful and much belabored rhetoric of the United Nations, as well as that of appeasement pundits, can bring a truly lasting peace to the people of the world. Meeting force with force only encourages jihadists, terrorists, dictators and evil regimes. How dare we provoke others by standing up for freedom! By what moral right do we dare to act?


What we need, so we believe, is some sort of new age, political “pop” diplomacy that will somehow allow us to understand and empathize with the frustrations of evil men, while allowing them, at the same time, to feel our affirmation and non-judgmental hope that they can begin to harness the good within and ‘live their best life now!’ If we could turn back time, perhaps we could have avoided World War II by buying Hitler a veinte mocha frapuchinno and discussing our concerns with him in a brightly colored room filled with aroma-therapy candles.


A Good Ole Whippin’ In the Public Common


And so, the debate rages on. We hate and despise each other more than we do those who propose to do us harm. It has become a race and a point of pride to see who among us can best and most thoroughly flagellate Uncle Sam and Lady Liberty, laying them open in the public common in order to prove our undying devotion to peace and hope.


We dislike those who fight for truth and who take bold, courageous stands. We call this ignorance and hate. We cheer and love those who champion our nation’s self-hatred and who place our freedoms and securities on the altar of the god of global consensus. We applaud those who would give away the riches of our way of life for the deceptive poverty of the world’s way of life.


Like Hungry Wolves Picking the Bones


While we are busy in our race to the bottom, trying to emulate the European model of strength and courage, the misunderstood evil nations and men of the world are standing by, waiting like hungry wolves. They are waiting to see how weak we can make ourselves and how indefensible we can become. They don’t even have to do anything but wait around, while we do to ourselves what they otherwise could never do to us.


And once we have done all the damage that we can do to ourselves, once we are weak and emaciated, once Uncle Sam and Lady Liberty have been whipped, flayed, and mocked, will the misunderstood evil people of the world be able to resist picking the meat off of the bones of the corpse that was once America? Do they not now feast on the corpses of some of the nations of Europe and Asia ?


Surely by our political acts of penance we will have proven ourselves to the evil of the world and expunged our sins of liberty, morals and courage so that the world will see our commitment to understanding and hope; surely then the evil of the world will see how we abhor the error of our previous ways and will embrace us as brothers and dance with us through the flowers. Surely they would never take the opportunity to unleash true evil on the world and show us the worst realities of hatred and war, the sites of which, thus far, we have only seen the faintest glimpses of.


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