Dave’s Strange and Unusual World

May 23, 2008

Bowler Skating: A Bloody Good Knockout Game!

Well, I went roller skating with my wife and my sister-in-law a few weeks back and, in the midst of loud rap music, obnoxious youth and funky disco lights, I came up with what I assumed to be an original idea: “stroller skating.”

My mind began to race over the idea of women on roller skates, pushing strollers across the rink at a very fast pace, burning calories and causing thier children years of psychological damage. Had I come up with a good idea? I hurried home from the skating rink and did a quick Internet search…darn it! Stroller skating has already been done.

Quickly, I had to come up with a new, even better idea. Think, Dave…what is better than stroller skating? Then it hit me; if I couldn’t be the inventor of stroller skating, I could at least be the inventor of “bowler skating.”

Bowler skating involves disgruntled skaters on a rink, with bowling balls as ammunition. The point is to throw the ball with impunity and try to knock everyone else down. Now for some this might be too easy of a game, so in my mind, the participants would have to consume at least four beers in rapid succession before entering the rink; I’d call this the “equalization factor.” This little factor would perhaps cause this sport to be quite popular with the Nascar crowd.


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