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June 9, 2008

Aww Chute…This is Gonna Hurt!

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Fox News reported today the sad story of intrepid photographer Sloan Carafello, who, in his quest to take some great skydiving photographs, forgot to actually put on a parachute. 


Sloan followed three skydivers out of a plane without even pausing to consider the fact that he was not technically wearing a parachute and his plane was, conservatively speaking, not actually touching the ground.  Despite this small technicality, the creed of the seasoned photographer is such that the photograph takes precedence over personal “comfort” and “safety.”  Without people like Sloan, who are willing to take risks to “get the shot,” photography would be a very sad profession indeed. 


Whereas most folks would be hard-pressed to exit a flying plane, even with a functional parachute, an industrial-strength NASA interstate diaper and the personal papal guarantee of the absolution of sins, our friend, Sloan, had no qualms when the moment arrived. 



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  1. Sloan Carafello was not a professional photographer. Neither was he intrepid or seasoned and he was not on assignment. He wasn’t taking any risks to “get the shot” because he didn’t intend to take pictures of the skydiving.

    Sloan was a down-on-his-luck loner who managed to get an observer’s slot on a jumpship for the purpose of committing suicide.

    His suicide jump was nothing to do with skydiving; the jumpship happened to be his best way to altitude in an airplane one could easily exit. His act was terrible to witness and the effects of it will not be short-lived.

    This story has elements of sadness, but it is not a sad story. It is a story of selfishness, pain, horror, anguish and lost potential. Sloan is not the victim, however; he is the perpetrator. The pilot, videographer, those on the ground and his family are the victims.

    Whatever his mental illness, if any, problems or issues, he found himself at a nexus; a place where he could have followed through with his plan or looked around and seen what was going on around him – people having fun, activities that are life-affirming, fun and uplifting. He didn’t see those good things and chose instead to kill himself.

    He knew he was not wearing a parachute when he jumped. There was no “without even pausing to consider” moment. It was a planned self-destruction.

    That takes guts but it is not heroic.

    Comment by Nova Skydiver — June 10, 2008 @ 4:44 pm

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