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June 15, 2008

Eye Can See!

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Well, I went on Friday and had Lasik eye surgery at Dr. Bradley Bowman‘s office. To say the least, I was, initially, quite scared of having my eyes propped open, like something from A Clockwork Orange, while a doctor fidgeted with my eyes using some rudimentary instruments. The reality is that Lasik is nothing like that…at least not after you’ve had a couple of tablets of Valium(r) and made peace with God.

I had all of my eye testing done a few weeks prior, so on Friday, I just had to walk into Dr. Bowman’s office and go through some preliminary and all-important steps, which included putting a large blue, Smurf-like hairnet over my head and taking some Valium(r). The good doctor gave me some numbing eye drops and drew on my eyeball using a blue Sharpie(c).

From there, we headed over to a state of the art room, where my eyelids were, in separate order, taped open. After this, a plastic insert was shoved under my eyelids, which prevented me from blinking and, amazingly, from screaming. Next, a suction-cup looking device was pressed down upon my eyeball and a laser device, much like a drill press, came down and cut a flap in the lens of my eye. The feeling was kind of weird…like a wolverine was tickling my eyeball with its claws.

After opening up my eye, a precision-guided laser started making some pretty high-tech sounds…probably like ‘Ol Sparky used to make during its glory days. I was warned that I would smell something “cooking” when the laser got to going; to me, it smelled like cooking a rotten egg. After the popping ended, my lens was placed back in its original position and the process was repeated on the other eye.

I was given some nifty goggles, that made me look like a racquetball player, and was told not to touch my eyes for a while. The results were instantaneous and miraculous. I never could have dreamed that the world was so clear. I can now see better without my glasses than I ever could with my glasses…the colors are brighter and the details are so much sharper. I’m still in the healing phase, so I am still experiencing, at time, fuzziness, but I’m sure that will clear up soon.

So to all of you who wear glasses, if I can encourage you in any way, I would like for you to remember this: “Nana-nana-boo-boo, I got Lasik and you didn’t!” And, if after my encouragement, you too would like to have Lasik, I would encourage you to do so and, if you happen to be in the DFW area, I would definitely recommend Dr. Bradley Bowman!


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