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August 26, 2008

Thinking Beyond Stage One

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So, I’m currently reading Thomas Sowell‘s book, Applied Economics: Thinking Beyond Stage One. I think that every American should read this book before heading to the polls this November because it is quite easy to get caught up in the expected benefits of a thing (Stage 1) and totally miss the fact that other consequences accrue (Stage 2 and beyond) to the decisions that we make and the people that we elect.

Remember, while it sounds nice that somebody wants to tax the oil companies and give you a rebate, it’s always best to think about what that really means in the longer term. You just might find that your tax rebate will make it back into the coffers of the gas companies via even higher gas prices than we already have. The same is true with anything that a grinning politician wants to give you…even by force if he must.

My advice is to vote for what is truly best for our country, over the long run, instead of voting for what you can get now.


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