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September 13, 2008

And the Ultrasound Reveals…

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Here’s the update that we posted on our baby site (some of you may not have access) and this should also answer the questions posed in my last baby posting:

“Amber and I went yesterday at 3:30 PM to the Ultrasound offices, where we had our first and only ultrasound performed. We met up with our licensed professional midwife, and went into a dark room containing an ultrasound technician, some buzzing equipment and a computer monitor. Amber laid down, bared her belly and, after the application of some gel, we saw the first pictures of our baby appear on the screen.

“Our technician showed us our baby’s heart, which was pumping out a good rhythm, and we saw the lungs, kidneys, spine, and every other good part. At several points, I inquired of the technician whether certain things appearing on the screen were our baby’s little “boy parts.” We both kept guessing at the gender of our child the whole time, trying to decipher the grainy images for clues. And, since we had to wait, then I too am going to make you, the interested reader, read some other things before you know for sure.

“Anyway, our baby’s head, hands and feet looked so perfect. The tiny little nose was amazing, and Amber said that the baby had my facial structure and her forehead. The tiny little hands waved at us several times (Amber had, before our appointment, consumed a big glass of orange juice to energize our baby for his or her first performance). We saw our little one suck on his or her thumb, and then we saw the most wonderful feet with awesomely small little toes.

“Towards the end our of ultrasound, the technician announced confidently that we would be having a baby GIRL! We had been calling our baby “Baby Benjamin,” so now with this new information we are praying about what to call her. We are super excited to know that we will soon get to share our lives with a daughter; we feel blessed that God has added this beautiful and wonderful gift to our family.

“In order to celebrate, we went to dinner with Amber’s sister and her two children (who had come up from Houston to escape the wrath of Ike) at Carabba’s. The food excited Baby Girl Matthews, so I am sure that she is going to be a big fan of Italian food! Afterwards, we all went to Target and purchased our daughter’s first gift, an old-school Piglet.


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