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September 20, 2008

Sesquipedalian Fun

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Well, this weekend we had a fun-loving couple over to our house for a good ole-fashioned game of wordsmithery…that’s right, we played Balderdash.  Some of the words were difficult, but as a group, we were able to come up with some great definitions, just like we did last time (reminisce with me about it here).  Here now, for your pleasure, are some of those words:

Futtock: It was suggested that a ‘futtock’ might be a bloated sheep’s corpse (I got two points for creating this); however, my favorite definition was one that wasn’t written down, but rather blurted out.  It’s not worth repeating, but it might suffice to say that Mr. Sulu has one.

Batrachian: One player suggested that a Batrachian is one who originated from the ancient Greek island of Batrachios, but we all know that Batrachios is an island in central Poland.  The real definition is ‘resembling a frog or a toad.’  You can always use this word at parties to show your intelligence or just to fit in.  For example, you can break the ice in any room by mentioning something like the following: ” Say…have you ever noticed that John Kerry has a very batrachian aspect to him?  Must be all that ‘flying’ he does”.  Rest assured, the nerds will be laughing.

Gosport: It was suggested that this is an element that gives loogies their salty taste.  I can’t remember what the real definition is, so from now on I’ll use the loogie definition: “Wow, that loogie really spent some time in the ole ‘gosport!'”

Dawk: Our final word was defined as “the frontal opening of a pair of tighty whities.”  I supplied this answer, which, as I remember, is technically what the other players termed “incorrect.”


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