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October 9, 2008

Inspirational Thought

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Well, I am going to soon be a father, so I wanted to quickly write something inspirational.  I know that I tried to pontificate in the past (here) about my ability to be a good father, which included the idea of giving my child a faux-hawk.  However, after careful consideration of the facts, which included the revelation that I’m going to have a daughter instead of a son, I have decided that I probably shouldn’t be dispensing faux-hawks too freely.  I should continue to limit my use of clippers to the dogs (read about my hairy exploits here).

We’ve picked up our bassinet (here), which, despite its being a piece of furniture, I have lovingly named Ralph in honor of the dog that I thought it was going to be.  Perhaps the bassinet will see its fair share of Ralph over the next year or two.  We also recently received a new baby crib from our good friends Ben and Jamie.  So, the only things left before our daughter’s arrival are to purchase a few pieces of furniture and to stockpile a few hundred thousand pairs of diapers (which should get us through the first couple of months).

I guess my inspirational thought, then, would be that I have some pretty good friends who are looking out for me.  My friends have consistently stepped up to the bat and helped to meet my needs.  Sure, they laugh at me when I say naive things like how I appreciate sleep, but they are really a great group of people…and, I mean that in all sincerity, especially since I will be hitting them up to be babysitters in the future.


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