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October 11, 2008

Pirates Everywhere

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Recently, “pirates” have been in the media.  We’ve all recently heard about the Ukranian ship that was taken over by Somali pirates (here).  Maritime experts, as well as national security pundits, believe that the leader of these buckaneers is none other than Johnny Depp (played by Jack Sparrow), who took over after the passing of Cap’n Crunch (who died at the hands of a cereal killer).  Now, a Greek ship has been added to the list of booty captured by the another pirate, the so-called “Dread Pirate Roberts,” somewhere off the coast of Somalia (here).  In the “wake” of these events, the able-bodied and strong-willed UN (here) has recently called on member countries to help combat piracy by painting their ship masts bright blue.

But, before we go off thinking that all pirates are bad, I wanted to alert my reading audience to the existence of The Pirates Who Don’t Do Anything.  You can see these swashbuckling heroes in action in the US starting on October 14 on DVD (and sometime early last July in China, where piracy is a business rule).  My wife and I pre-ordered this DVD so that we can share it with our baby girl when she is old enough to understand; until that time, we have decided that we should make the bold choice to watch this animated movie over and over again in her stead.  Please, don’t praise us for being great parents…we’re just doing our job.

So, that leads me to the fact that I have to make an admission: I am really looking forward to my daughter’s arrival because, in addition to having a new bundle of joy in my life, it will give me the excuse that I’ve been needing to watch Veggie Tales more often and to play with some pretty cool toys.  Granted, when I thought I was having a baby boy, I pictured myself playing with Tonka trucks and Nerf brand guns; however, with my daughter, I am sure that I’ll still have some pretty cool gadgets to play with, such as an easy-bake oven…I wonder how long a frozen burrito takes to cook in one of those?

So, back to pirates: Please get your un-pirated copy of The Pirates Who Don’t Do Anything on Tuesday, October 14, and please say a prayer for me that I won’t be a “toy pirate” and that I’ll learn to share my child’s toys with her.


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