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October 16, 2008

Let the Indoctrination Begin

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So, I wrote before (here) about how the California Supreme Court went ahead and decided for the people of that state what the definition of marriage should be. It was all about the court forcing Californians to “respect the rights” of those who wish to live “alternative” lifestyles. But, I wonder, what is respect and what are rights? Now, you’ve already heard my cry that America should not be legislating from the bench, especially against the will of the people, so that’s not where I’m going with this post.


I am, however, going to head straight toward the issue of “rights;” namely, the right of children not to be indoctrinated by liberals and homosexuals, as a stepping stone to destroying traditional American culture, paid for by the American taxpayer and without the consent of parents. I can hear the liberals now: “Dave, surely you’ve gone mad…we aren’t indoctrinating America’s children. How utterly preposterous!”


I believe that California’s judicial legislation and other similar assaults on American values are really designed not to protect the “rights” of homosexuals, but to trample upon the “rights” of those who don’t agree with or believe in the validity of that form of lifestyle. Now, I have been, on many an occasion, accused of being a conspiracy nut (shout out to Thomas!), but I truly think that traditional American values are under some serious assault.


Case in point: homeschooling is under assault (here) even though most homeschooled children score infinitely better on tests than pupils in the public classrooms. Many of the pundits for public education, whose best schools cannot even properly train a child to read or to do math, decry the travesty of allowing parents, who have the greatest stake in their own child’s education, to home school their children. There are penalties being created and hurdles being thrown up for those who choose to home school in some area. Why? Indoctrination, of course, my dear Watson.


In order to most thoroughly destroy traditional American values, a nation must change the values of the next generation. Those of us who grew up with a traditional value system are, for the most part, unreachable. Someone is just going to have to legislate our values for us if things are to change in our lifetimes. However, for the next generation of adults – by which I mean children – a simple, prolonged indoctrination at an early school age can destroy resistance to untraditional lifestyles and choices.


Okay, I’ve said a lot, so where is the proof? Well, recently, several headlines have been out there, which haven’t gathered that much attention. Let’s look at two of these and see how the indoctrination is beginning, shall we?


First, let’s take a look (here) at Vacaville, CA, where a transgender teacher at Foxboro Elementary School was allowed to teach children, without the knowledge of the parents. The school could not release to any parents the fact that the teacher was a transgendered individual because the school was “legally obligated to protect the unidentified transgender teacher’s privacy under the HIPAA law.” Isn’t that a lovely thing? Of course, the law provided no protection for the children who were exposed to this teacher and perhaps who were led to believe that this type of lifestyle is a normal thing. There was no law to protect the “rights” of the parents to know who is teaching their children, or their “right” to not have their children, if it be their wish, exposed to lifestyles such as this.


Perhaps I’m just a naysaying nabob, I know. I’m sure that someone is going to tell me that most parents never know anything about any of their children’s teachers, so what makes this so different. Well, precisely the fact that this sort of thing, by being out of the normal for what is expected at a public school, is a material fact that should be made known to parents. Wouldn’t the school certainly tell parents if a teacher had turrets syndrome or if a teacher was a predator? Whatever the issue, if it is outside of the norm, the parents have a “right” to know, that supersedes the “rights” of anyone else.


Next, let’s take a look (here) at a school in San Francisco, who, on school time, took a jolly little field trip down to city hall to watch the same-sex wedding of their lesbian teacher. The school called the field trip “academically relevant” and the interim director called it a “teachable moment.” This might be a “teachable moment” perhaps if your goal is to indoctrinate young, impressionable minds with the belief that this is a normal occurrence. Of course, I wonder how many field trips that school has taken to see heterosexual weddings. I could take a guess and I’d be willing to bet that the number might be somewhere in the neighborhood of zero.


It seems that the laws and the judicial legislation is all for protecting everyone’s “rights” but the “rights” of traditional values and the “rights” of impressionable minds to learn in an environment free of an agenda designed to destroy traditional America. Perhaps I’m just looking a little too closely at everything, as I sometimes do, being the wild and crazy conspiracy theorist that I am. Or, perhaps Americans need to take note of what is happening in our midst and express our sentiments to our leaders, in schools and in government.



  1. 1. ‘Impressionable’ minds aren’t.

    2. 50% of our personality comes from our parents’ genes.

    3. More than 40% comes from the peer group we grow up with.

    4. Less than 10% comes from ‘the home’.

    We know this from studying identical twins, both raised with their families and separated at birth (50% identical personalities, either way.) And fraternal siblings (25% alike, whether raised with birth families or adopted out.) And half-siblings (12.5%), etc, etc, etc.

    If you and your wife are, for example, staunch conservatives who believe in personal responsibility and that LGBT-anything is a lifestyle, then it’s better than even odds your kids’ll have this attitude, too.

    But not because YOU raised them that way (and you appear to believe they’re little primordially-innocent lumps of clay ready for your parental-rights to mold into fine upstanding citizens,) but maybe (40%) because you’ll choose to live in a place where others share your attitudes, and they grow up in a place where it’s okay to chase down effeminate kids and beat them up for fun. And maybe (50%, 25% from you and 25% from your wife,) the two of you conceived a child who bears your genetic imprint.

    As far as we can tell, the percentage of LGBTs in society appears to be fairly constant — no more than 10% but no less than 3%. And this endures whether ya celebrate ’em or persecute ’em.

    Here’s another bit of food for thought. The Intelligence Quotient, or IQ, is adjusted so that the IQ of 100 falls in the middle of all the scores, and the method of calculating IQs from the raw test scores is routinely adjusted to keep this true — 50% of the population scores 100-or-below, 50% scores 100-or-above. Thus, 100 is the median score for the entire population.

    The median score for the LGBT subgroup is 130 – less than 3% of the entire population scores this high. So you wanna’ chuck a resource like this? Many of the advances in science and technology came from LGBT folk.

    But maybe you want your kids to get ahead (assuming you conceived straight kids.) Best to eliminate those competitors in school by insuring we live in a society where you have the ‘right’ to your religulous ‘freedom’…

    Comment by Hazumu Osaragi — October 17, 2008 @ 2:19 am

  2. Wow, a shout out just for me! Ok in the interest of not starting the 2nd great Dave-Thomas (Wendy’s anyone?) war I will sum this up quickly. Neither of us have changed our beliefs on this subject and as you might suspect I disagree with everything you said with one exception. I’m all for schools teaching kids about what homosexuality is so they don’t grow up in a bubble where they think everyone is exactly like them. However, I think there are better ways to do that than taking them to witness a homosexual wedding. So our reasoning is different, but we can both agree that field trip shouldn’t have happened.

    Comment by Thomas — October 17, 2008 @ 3:30 am

  3. […] the Government’s brainwashing agenda of children is taking place.  Click here (ideas) and here (indoctrination) to see some of my previous thoughts on the public brainwashing of our children.  […]

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