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October 28, 2008

The Continued Road to Socialism

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I have written before about a cartoon that everyone in America should read (please read it here).  This cartoon basically explains how socialism takes over a country, and the author won a Nobel Prize for his work.

Now, this election season is so similar, in my opinion, to what occurred back then and there are so many paralells that it is just plain weird.  The times are different and the actors have changed, but the underlying concept remains the same.  Basically, it is my belief that great countries can never be taken over by terrorists or by guerrillas; great countries can only be taken over by a propaganda machine that is able to rewrite history, effect the markets and change the sentiments of the people.

Our news media is doing its dead-level best to scare Americans into voting for the candidate that it supports.  There is very little objectivity out there for Americans to make rationally informed choices.

The economy, I believe, has tanked because the main stream media incessantly, yet without cause, inundaded Americans’ minds with the belief that we were in a recession.  This was done in order to rally Americans to the cause that they support, which is a cause that most Americans would otherwise not support, ceteris paribus.  In order to gather support for the takeover of a country, you must have a tough situation around which you can rally the people…and you have to create a scapegoat.

So, my belief is that most Americans this election season will basically have their votes cast for them by the main stream media instead of their personal core beliefs and convictions.  We no longer, to quote a good man, vote based upon the content of a person’s character; we now vote based upon the lies that have been told to us by our media.  We have left behind our brains as we have been caught up in the tide of propoganda.

Now, perhaps what I am writing is propaganda…perhaps it is the truth.  Either way, dear reader, you should examine the facts for yourself and make a wise decision about what really is going on in this country.  If you can vote with a clean concience after thoroughly examining everything, including specific positions that may violate your personal beliefs about abortion, socialism or free markets, then that is all that can be asked.


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  1. Yes! I urge everybody to not listen to the main-stream media and find out the real issues. Check out there voting record! What are their actions? Good post and great blog. http://www.backtotheconstitution.org

    Comment by Andrew Biddinger — November 3, 2008 @ 3:46 am

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