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November 6, 2008

Every Step You Take, We’ll Be Watchin’ You…

Filed under: Politics,Seriously Serious Stuff — dangrdave @ 12:33 am

Well, my period of mourning has ended and I now come to the task of preparing myself to critically examine the policies of the incoming administration. The media may have given a free pass; however, I, along with many other conservative bloggers, will continue to fight for traditional ideas via our words.


I believe that America still holds the promise of democracy and freedom if we will fight for it. As a soon-to-be-parent, I want to continue to wage the war of conservative ideas so that my child has the prospect of growing up in the same America that I grew up in.


I believe that now, more than ever, conservative bloggers will play an important role in the thoughts of America . The media, in my opinion, will cherish the new administration as its darling and will fail to report on very many negative stories. The bias has been there in the main stream media and it will continue to persist long into the future.

In my opinion, the media elected its candidate and the media created economic hysteria to do so. The media will help use its influence to convince America of the benefits of following a path to socialism. Therefore, my desire is for all free-thinking Americans to not buy, at face value, everything said by the main stream media. For that matter, don’t buy, at face value, everything that you read on conservative blogs…use your brains and your powers of reasoning after hearing all of the facts and both sides of the issues.


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