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November 19, 2008

$400,000: Oregoing, Going, Oregon

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Well, I knew it would be just a matter of time before someone fell for the ole Nigerian email scam, which promises millions of dollars to the email’s recipient.  Apparently, an Oregonian woman named Janella Spears (read about her here!) ended up sending about $400,000 over to Nigeria in the hopes of receiving her $20,500,000.00 deposit.  In order to raise the $400,000, Janella ended up mortgaging her house and her car, as well as cashing in her husband’s retirement account, despite the fact that both her family and her bank told her repeatedly that she was being scammed.

Now, I am just amazed that anyone would be this gullible; I mean, most people would have stopped sending money after about the first one-hundred and fifty thousand dollars.  Anyway, being the humanitarian that I am, I have decided to use the full extent of my resources to obtain Mrs. Spears’ email address and offer to help her out.

My plan is ultimately restore to her the $400,000 that she lost; however, I am first going to need for her to provide me with a cash equivalent of one-quarter of the sum lost, or $100,000.  Using this money, which she will need to provide to me in small, unmarked bills to be dropped at a location that I shall indicate, I intend to do a few “behind-the-scenes” things (sorry, this is a trade secret) to negotiate the release of her full $400,000.  If my initial attempts at the full restoration of her funds fail, I will need for her to perhaps sell a vital organ to raise another $100,000, which she can give to me to better my negotiation position.


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