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January 25, 2009

Oh My Gosh…He Got Free Water!

Filed under: Knee-Slappingly Funny — dangrdave @ 1:32 am

We just went to Jared today to get my wife’s engagement ring cleaned and inspected…I know: “Oh my gosh…he went to Jared!!!”  Anyway, I like going to Jared because they can inspect and clean my wife’s jewelry very quickly but, more importantly, they also give their customers free bottled water and cookies.

Dave’s Bonus Tip of the Day: Any time you’re out and feel thirsty, stop in at Jared and grab a bottle of water on the house!  Tell ’em Dave sent you if they ask any questions.

So, on to my main point, if there actually is one.  I have actually consumed somewhere in the neighborhood of a couple of cases of water over the past few of years of going in and getting inspections and cleanings.  I guesstimate that each bottle of water can liberally be said to be worth a dollar on the open market.  With this in mind, I’ve kept a running tally of my water consumption versus the original price of the engagement ring and I’ve got it worked out that I only have to consume another 1,542 bottles of water, after which the ring will technically have cost me nothing!

Dave’s Back-Up Bonus Tip of the Day: If you are thirsty and there isn’t a Jared nearby, try stopping in to visit some model homes in new communities.  They have free bottles of water too!


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