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January 29, 2009

Is that a Democrat in Your Pocket, or Are You Just Stimulating the Economy?

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Well, the Democrats went and passed an $819 Billion stimulus package, which basically, single-handedly does away with any chance of ever creating any sort of fiscal discipline in Washington.  Click here to read what the Wall Street Journal had to say about this extravagance.  The Journal basically helps us understand that this “stimulus” package is nothing more than a ruse to allow Democrats to fulfill every dream they’ve ever had.  Here’s a listing of job-creating expenditures:

$1 Billion for Amtrak.  Has anyone in America actually ever ridden on Amtrak?

$50 Million for the National Endowment for the Arts.  The “market” creates starving artists for a reason – so they’ll get a job.  Why should the public pay for crappy art?

$400 Million for Global Warming Research.  I’ll tell you for free: Hot air in D.C. and Al Gore’s house.

$2.4 Billion for Carbon Capture Demonstration Projects.  I can demonstrate how to capture carbon for a mere $1 Billion.

$650 Million for Digital Conversion TV Coupons.  Isn’t it amazing what we’re paying so that we can keep our reception to be brainwashed by the media?

$600 Million for New Federal Government Cars.  Are we helping out the auto industry twice here?

$252 Billion for Income-Transfer Payments.  These don’t generate jobs; they pay people for not having jobs.

Wasn’t the point of the “stimulus” package to stimulate the economy?  The Journal estimates that only “$90 Billion out of $825 Billion, or about 12 cents out of every $1,” can even remotely be linked to any “stimulating” economic activity.  What that means is that this package, along with the earlier one, was just a convenient way for the Government to waste money for no good purpose.  I like what Roscoe Bartlett (R-MD) had to say (here) to O’: “Mr. President, I think our obsessive borrowing has fully mortgaged my kids and my grandkids.  Now, we’re working on mortgaging my two great grandkids.”

I’m glad, at least, that this went down along party lines so that the Democrats bear the full responsibility for the impending bankruptcy of our nation.

A friend sent me a link the other day to TheHill.com, wherein we can see what all of this largess means.  In an article by Dick Morris (here), we see that this is all just a great way to lead us into socialism.  Says Morris, “His stimulus packages won’t do much to shorten the downturn…but they will do a great deal to change our nation.”  Continuing on: “He [O’] will begin by passing every program for which liberals have lusted for decades.”  This article is really worth the read and I hope you’ll take the time to do so.

I’m glad that we all decided to elect the most liberal senator!  Just something to think about as we enter our new era of socialism.



  1. Stimulus bill moves us closer to nationalized health care and rationing

    The House of Representatives approved an $819 billion economic stimulus package Wednesday. The party line vote was a blow to Barack Obama’s alleged desire for bipartisanship. All the Republicans and 11 democrats voted against the bill. One thing in the bill that went mostly unnoticed was a new bureaucracy called the Federal Coordinating Council for Comparative Effectiveness Research.

    Comment by The Intellectual Redneck — January 29, 2009 @ 10:37 am

  2. Here’s another look at all of this from ABC News (here).

    Comment by dangrdave — January 30, 2009 @ 7:52 pm

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