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January 31, 2009

Family Values: The New Lessons

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Here’s another great example of the media’s love for O’ (here).  This news article practically makes you think that the writer, Stacy Phillips, wished that she were either married to or birthed by the first couple.  The writer liberally and unabashedly heaps praises upon the first couple, as if they were the greatest couple that has ever walked the earth.  She talks about family values and the love for two daughters, but I’m sure that neither she, nor anyone else for that matter, bothered to write up such a flattering piece of prose for GW and family.  I’m sure that Bush loves his wife and two daughters and did everything possible to care for them and raise them to be all that they could be, but I’m sure the annals of history show no such gushing commentary as the media provides today.  The author of the article under current discussion goes on to indicate that the whole country should follow O’s example and raise their families just like he does.

First off, most American families aren’t going to be able to send their children to private schools.  And, O’ is going to make sure that Americans can’t get vouchers to send their children to the actual school of their own choosing.  Most Americans of modest means are forced, therefore, to leave their children in failing, unsafe public schools, where the Government’s brainwashing agenda of children is taking place.  Click here (ideas) and here (indoctrination) to see some of my previous thoughts on the public brainwashing of our children.  Many students consider it a good day if they make it home from school without having been shot by a disgruntled youth.  And, those that choose to home-school their children find themselves up against myriad obstacles by big government.   I’m sure that O’s children won’t have any of these considerations to deal with, so maybe I do want to emulate his parenting style.

Perhaps we should all follow O’s example and raise our families in racist congregations, having our souls shepherded by such giants of the faith as the Right Reverend Wright.  Surely, that’s the best parenting tip that can be gleaned from the new first family: sit my wife and children down in a congregation where the pastor vehemently preaches to us, week after week, that God hates America.  Then, perhaps we should teach our children the morals that come along with that kind of teaching, such as sitting through but later denying that we ever heard anything bad in church if it keeps us out of hot water with others.  Expediency such as this is a great lesson that we, as Americans, should embrace, so that neither we nor our families are ever forced to account for our poor choices and lack of good judgment.

Perhaps we should also lead our families by raising them to believe that it is okay to kill innocent babies.  I’m sure O’s recent acts (here and here) show his family values and his belief in the sanctity of human life to his wife and children.  Perhaps we should all raise our children with the double standard that their lives are important but the lives of others really aren’t important.  Maybe we should teach our children that life is really just a one-sided choice and a mother murdering her unborn baby is really just a right and/or privilege.  Of course, why teach responsibility if, again, our poor choices can be easily done away with by using the most expedient method possible; that just leaves less work on our part to teach our children about having to think before engaging in acts that lead to the creation of a unique, God-breathed human life.  And, then we can go on to teach them that convicted murders and terrorists don’t deserve to be punished or put to death for killing people, because we aren’t God and, therefore, we have no right to take someone else’s life.  Let us teach our children double standards, where wrong is right and right is wrong.

These are just some of the timeless values that Americans would be embracing if they were to follow Ms. Phillips’ advice.  So there it is, we, as Americans, need to think for ourselves about who we choose to emulate and why.  We need to base our family values on our morals and not upon the image that is portrayed by one groomed to be pleasing to the eye.   We need to lead our families in an honorable way that cannot be found by simply trying to be like the first family.  You can copy a wardrobe or a cool haircut if you want to, but raising a good family just might take a little more care and consideration than Ms. Phillips seems think is necessary.  And, in the words of Trint, the “obamagasm” continues: look for it wherever fine journalism exists!


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