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January 31, 2009

The Leg-Rev: A Dog’s Life

Filed under: Knee-Slappingly Funny — dangrdave @ 2:29 am

Tonight, as I was walking my dog and watching him discriminatingly sniff at a turd as though he were a Frenchman sniffing a fine cheese or a sommelier sniffing a fine wine, I began thinking about life.  To be honest, I don’t know what I thought about life at that moment, but I thought about it none the less.  A little later, when my dog had a movement on the lawn of one of my neighbors, I watched as my dog did his ritualistic leg-rev.  You know the leg-rev: This is where the dog digs his claws into the ground and tosses up a bit of the earth behind him as a sort of exclamation point to the whole pooping process.  Perhaps the leg-rev is a way of the dog exclaiming his victory over the adversity of having to eat stale multi-colored bits of compacted Chinese sawdust, commonly known as dog food.  The leg-rev states to the world, “I won, I didn’t die…it passed through me, and I’m a survivor.”  In any case, I thought once again about life as I watched this dance of defiance and I wondered what the world would be like if dogs were in charge.  My only thought is that we would all have small mats of astro-turf bolted to the floor in front of our toilets and we would be required, in addition to washing our hands, to do a leg-rev before leaving the bathroom.


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