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February 6, 2009

Throwing the Baby Out with the Bathwater

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A new news article (here) shows some of the contempt that abortionists have for human life: not only are they willing to kill children in the womb, but some of them are willing to throw live human beings into garbage cans.  Why anyone would fall for the line that abortion is a woman’s right, is beyond me.  As a friend pointed out to me: a woman’s right to choose ends at the moment she pulls off her knickers.  Why should an innocent human have to die for someone else’s bad judgment?

A human life is either a sacred thing that needs to be protected or it is not; it cannot be both.  Either we should have laws that allow us to kill at will certain classes of people (babies, elderly, handicapped, or non-master race)  for mere convenience or we need laws that prevent us from killing anyone except under certain circumstances (such as punishment for murder).  A baby should have one set of laws applied to it: either it is entirely and unequivocally, from the moment of conception, a living human or it is not.

Currently, a woman may kill her unborn child for the sake of convenience and she is protected; however, if someone killed that unborn child against her will, a new set of laws apply that consider the act to be murder.  If life and safety are indeed an inalienable right, then the laws that guard that right must be applied consistenly without preference.


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