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February 7, 2009

Dave’s Top Posts

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Well, I’ve been tracking my tracker and I wanted to announce my top eight posts, in descending order.  Drum roll please.

Number 1: “That Time of the Month To Review the Stats”  I’m not sure why this is a popular post, but I think a lot of folks on the web may have come to my blog to learn about pregnancy.  The word must be out, because the negative comments have slowed considerably.  I’m sure that most of my readers do, however, have hot flashes when I write about some of the issues on my blog.

Number 2: “About Dave”  This isn’t “technically” a post; its more of a resume.  In fact, my “About Dave” page was actually copied and pasted from my official resume.  References are available upon request.

Number 3: “David Versus Goliath: 100 Pounds of Chewed Bubble Gum Versus a Rubber Band”  This post is a tear-jerker that shows the triumph of the human spirit when pitted against a tightly-stretched thong and a small projectile.

Number 4: “Curses…Here Come the Mall Gypsies!”  I plan to write a follow-up to this hugely successful posting.  We’ve all seen them and, armed with good information, as can only be found on my blog, we can defeat them!

Number 5: “The Wright Character”  Unfortunately, this post has gone “private” and is safely stored in a secure bunker away from prying eyes for reasons that I cannot disclose to the public.  Had I not gone “private” with this hugely popular post, there is no doubt but that it would already be a made-for-tv movie by now, starring the late Gregory Peck.

Number 6: “Movie Review of Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed”  If you haven’t seen this movie, then I would highly encourage you to do so.  This movie breaks down the idea and genesis of evolution and links it to very sinister human activities.

Number 7: “The Going Out of Business Sale”  This posting dealt with the sad demise of “Linens-N-Things-R-Us.”  But, not to worry: “Bed-Bath-to-Infinity-and-Beyond” is still in business.  Quite frankly, I could never really tell the difference between the two, anyway.


Number 8: “The Wedding Sign-In Book”  This entry consisted of only three sentences, proving that perspicuous, pithy entries can sometimes be more popular than loquacious, prolix, sesquepedalian entries.

So, there it is folks: Dave’s Top Eight posts of all time..ever…throughout the ages…until such time as they are overthrown!



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