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February 7, 2009

O’s Socialist Dream Green Team

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Check out this article (here) about O’s new socialist energy team:

Energy Secretary Steven Chu, who wants to raise energy prices to a prohibitive level where we can no longer afford to function as a society.  I think that we may need a little more than 8 billion to stimulate the economy if no one in America can afford to ship products or drive to work.  Perhaps Mr. Chu would like for us all to develop little Soviet-style collective farms and for America to revert to an agrarian society in order to save the planet.  That is certainly a better idea than actually trying to explore and develop new alternative energies and fuels (please note there is a lot of sarcasm in this sentence).

Department of the Interior’s Senator Ken Salazar, who will refuse to allow America to use its own natural resources, which will perpetuate America’s dependence to the ever-pleasant nations of the Middle East and the quite-unfriendly policies of OPEC.  This is a fine choice, as America will benefit greatly by doing nothing to use its resources to provide its own energy; Mr. Salazar apparently sees nothing wrong with the continued transfer of America’s wealth to hostile nations that want to destroy America and its infidel populous.

Science Advisor John Holdren, who wants to “de-develop” the U.S. to prevent global warming, even though he believed in global cooling just a few years ago.  According to Fox, Holdren wants to create policies to limit material consumption (which means interfering with free-market economics), redistribute wealth (which is socialism), and to create a one-world government (which means subjecting our country and our freedoms to the opinions, prejudices and whims of other countries and totally goes against the idea of sovereignty).

Top Assistant on Energy and Climate Policy Carol Browner, who is a life-long socialist and is willing to sacrifice America’s economy and might to the “god of green.”

I guess we can conclude the “real change” has come to America.  We are on the course to become a socialist nation full of laws that penalize entrepreneurship and innovation, and which subject us to a continued dependence upon unfriendly nations and the possibility of finding ourselves subject to international courts rather than American courts.  Bravo for change!  Bravo that our new administration cares so much about America that it is willing to openly and deliberately attack the very foundations upon which is was built!  Bravo that hundreds of thousands of men and women died defending democracy and the American way of life, only to have it attacked so blatantly and deliberately by politicians and policies!


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