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February 18, 2009

The Media and O’s Administration

Filed under: Politics — dangrdave @ 8:15 pm

I remember mentioning in a previous blog entry that many in the Mainstream Media wished to either be the love interest of O or suckle at one of his engorged, pork-flavored teets; well, now there is word that a huge number of media personalities are rushing to join the new administration (here).  This, of course, leaves a lot of  lingering questions about how “fair” the media really is; for example, I’ve always maintained that the media is quite liberal-leaning.  So, with journalists getting on so well with the administration, we must wonder if they’ve been currying favor to win a spot in the new administration.  Wouldn’t any journalist who really covered politics know what a mess things on the hill are and try everything possible to get as far away from the cesspool as possible?


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