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July 24, 2009

Live Long and Proffer?

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Now, I’ve never been one to question the sanity of most people…until now.  I visited the central Texas town of Salado and found the following advertisement for Walt Tollefson‘s P.C. Repair:



July 7, 2009

Hocking Baby Hawking

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I recently mentioned somewhere that I was going to launch my own brand of cloth diapers to compete with Fuzzibunz.  My brand is going to be called fuzzibutz and will be priced five cents cheaper than the Fuzzibunz.  Well, I was recently watching an episode of Baby Einstein with my child, when I came up with another great competing idea for an educational product (which I am hereby copyrighting and promise to sell for five cents cheaper than the leading brand), called Baby Hawking.  Was Albert Einstein smarter than Steven Hawking?  Let the children decide…and, make sure they are wearing their Fuzzibutz diapers while they decide.

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