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December 27, 2008

Seduction Never Smelled So Good

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If you were lucky like me this Christmas season, then you too know the joy associated with receiving Burger King’s new signature fragrance, Flame.  According to Burger King, Flame mixes the “scent of seduction with a hint of flame-broiled meat.”  Oh, mama!  And, if I know women, like I think I do, then you too must surely know that most women get seriously “turned-on” by the smell of cheap, flame-broiled meat that’s been served by a pimply faced teenager in a greasy, sweat-stained blue uniform.  Ah, the memories that this fragrance will bring to those around me…

So, watch out, ladies, Burger King has single-handedly brought to America a machismo fragrance that will have you drooling.  Hordes of America’s best young men will soon be taking to the streets, smelling like they just walked out of a chimney…some of these men will probably be hunted down and devoured by ravenous packs of street dogs that mistake them for hamburgers with droopey pants, but that’s the price to pay for seduction.

Thank you, Santa Clause!


December 4, 2008


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Okay, so I lied…I’m posting another quick blog.  Well, actually, this isn’t really a post, it’s more of a link to a great video that Trint posted on Surely You’re Not Serious.  Click here to see Fred Thompson’s great video blog about our economy…he must’ve read my mind!  Enjoy.


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Well, since returning from my Thanksgiving holiday, I’ve been quite busy getting ready for the baby and finishing up some things before the next round of holidays comes up in a few weeks.  For instance, tonight, I single-handedly put together a  dresser/changing table, which is no small  feat, considering that I assembled the piece of furniture with no other guide than a page of hieroglyphics created by an illiterate, blind and perhaps even drunk sweatshop worker somewhere in Asia.

Needless to say, I’m trying to maintain the sanity at home, as we reach the rush for getting things together for our child’s imminent arrival.  I surely hope she appreciates one day everything we’re doing to prepare for her.  But, as I said, I’m trying to be the calm one here at home because my wife is starting up her so-called “nesting” phase of pregnancy.  Her true nesting instinct has caused me some discomfort, especially when I have to climb up in our tree to pull her down.  And, don’t even mention the twigs in our bed.

So, if I don’t post very many blog entries in the upcoming weeks, please be patient and say a little prayer for me, knowing that I’m probably assembling some strange furniture or painting flowers on the wall.

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